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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey Walla 2013

Do you remember the story about managing the Maldives and its economy and feeding all the people of Maldives with the income of a single resort? Do you recall the Magical Mystical trip in which Mohamed Nasheed would sail us to Anneh Dhivehi Raajje? Were rivers of blessed wine would flow beneath our feet and Ganjarettes would be served by Hooraleens? We were fooled, see what befell the fools. Instead of landing in Anneh Dhivehi Raajje, we landed in Anni’s Dhivehi Raajje.

The difference two characters can make in the life of a nation and its people is that of Prosperity and Poverty. We voted for “ANNEH” we got “ANNI”. The “Kanmathee Fihaara” was only a propaganda stunt. They were "Castles built in the air” (Hawaa gai elhi Ganduvaru) by President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni).

Having said that, I trust you will take this one even more serious. “There is, but only so much you can do about the circumstance you are in, mindful or wronged by a pseudo-principled, brutal regime whose repressive economic policies are annihilating the population.”
So having jumped from the frying pan into the fire, don’t justify the situation hoping the fire would someday be extinguished. Stop deceiving yourselves that it’s only your feet that will burn, and that those burns could be treated at IGMH. It’s a lot of BS. Instead say it hurts when it does. And try to do something about it; your two cents worth to rid this society from the menace of rip-off dealers , fly by night millionairs and swindlers and immature politicians playing politricks with our lives, lets make a solemn oath to vote the MDP out in 2013.

Take heed, we Maldivians have been ripped and rapped time and time again by invading pirates, colonial powers and poli-tricians from among ourselves, like the waves that batter our shows. But we survived. We survived as a nation and we survived as a people. Despite everything this government is and could do to hurt our Pride, Our Culture, Religious Values and National identity, we should survive. Just like those waves that drain back to the sea. Mr. Mohamed Nasheed and MDP must be back in the streets and dark alleys of Male, where they belong.

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  1. Karusathey KarusathunaamaaSeptember 25, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    fully agree with the sentiments. i think we all need to make a coordinated effort to bring the truth out and chase these looters out.


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