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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Police Brutality in Maldives: Will it stop?

From age old days, rulers of Maldives have used the armed forces and Police for defending themselves from the citizens. Every tenure of presidency ended when the uncontrollable brutality of the Police and the armed forces against its citizen became the impetus to a revolution to change the regime.

Recall when Anni (the current President) strategized to come to power not long ago. Police resorted to brutal force. He claimed they kicked him, punched him, imprisoned him, gave him food with glass particles, kept him in isolation etc. etc. the list goes on and on to an endless array of brutal activities in its greatest manifestation.

Police who brutally beat citizens will realize the pain only when we as citizens inflict pain on them Anni said then. For this statement the Police took up the case against him. His spokesman Zuhair said we would trap these brutal people and will hold them responsible for their actions.

Due to the uncontrollable police brutality towards the citizens, and the weakness of the previous regime to control the police, citizens rose against the former regime and brought about this change, hoping for a stop to police brutality and a more citizen oriented government. For all their efforts and sacrifices, what did the people get? A better equipped and a more brutal police force with more arsenals in their reserve, forcing more oppression and more open brutal enigma.

Why did this happen? Why did Anni change course? Why did he go back on his promises and re enforce them? Why has Anni allowed the perpetrators to enjoy better days with more perpetrations against their citizens? The answer is simple and easy to understand.

Anni is suffering from a decease called "Split Personality Compulsive Syndrome" (SPCS) Anni the victim and Anni the President are percieved by him as different people. Anni is an obsessed personality, obsessed by the incidence that he was put through as a child when his father was arrested sentenced and jailed for planning and stagging a coup to overthrow the Nasir regime. Anni was yet a kid then. As the President now he enjoys using and abusing the same strategies and methods used by previous regimes to consolidate and remain in Power.

Anni now supports Police brutality, he believes this will help him to continue in power. He encourages and turns a blind eye to the brutal actions of the Police against peaceful demonstrators. Consequently, the Police is reassured by the once there enemy Anni the victim now Anni the President to continue their Brutality and become even better at it.

So the legacy of Police brutality continues and will continue for ages to come like it has continued for ages till today. Victims die, people suffer and the brutality continues. A moral and principled citizen would ask but why should a sane citizen of the same country inflict pain and torture to another; his neighbor? The answer to this is also very plain and simple,
The Police force is brain washing and they are made to believe again and again that the enemy within is the citizens of the country. To serve and to protect is the Ruler against who? Against the citizens. Isn't this how dictators ruled? Isnt this how Phoraphs ruled? Isn’t this how we were ruled? You answer the questions within your subconscious.

Coming back to my question, will the Police brutality stop? I believe No!. MDP, DRP, PPM QP NQP or even if any other PP comes to power, the legacy will continue, if left as it is. People have a choice to accept the brutality and internalize it or do not accept it and be victimised and continue.

Police Brutality could be stopped only when the electorate (voters) leave behind their allegiance to the idiosyncratic politricians misleading’s, and hold them to account by voting in capable, dedicated and efficient fellows from among themselves to represent them to the legislature.

If Anni, the man who was vanquished on the streets, thrown and treated like dirt making us believe he will turn the table around, when in power actually only reinforced police brutality. It is very clear now then to us that Anni has failed as a leader, and it’s time for him to step down and for us to bring about change in 2013.


  1. Karusathey KarusathunaamaaSeptember 24, 2011 at 11:59 PM

    Police brutality will not stop while the police force is run under political pressure. The very freedoms MDP eschewed while in the opposition are now being denied the public when they are in power. This is utterly unacceptable. We all must rise to stop these injustices being committed in the name of freedom and democracy in the country.

  2. A man who had no legs once met a man who was blind. To prove conclusively that the lame man was a man of vision he proposed to the blind man that they form an alliance that would be of great benefit to both. "You let me climb upon your back," said he to the blind man, "then I will use your legs and you may use my eyes. Between the two of us we will get along more rapidly."

  3. police brutality wont stop unless we put an end on it. Also the police is here to protect us not to abuse and hurt the community.

  4. It hasn't stopped since the time for the kings and queens and the early days of the pseudo democracy that we are witnessing. Who has the will and the <> to stop the abuse. Certainly not ANNI he seems to be enjoying.


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