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Friday, February 24, 2012

Nasheed: Does he deserve your vote

Now that the boogie man fp. Nasheed (Anni) is out of office, keep him like that on the streets. If the people of Maldives elect him again he will start his Revenge Strategy again on the people. We saw this during his rule, what did he do? He sacked every single person who was not a member of his party from the government. Elected again he will take revenge on every single person who did not participate in his rallies. He has openly said so.

Attending a meeting with his Zionist counterparts 
A maniac and mentally disturbed person he would not hesitate to do anything. In his disturbed mind he believes Maldives belongs to him. He is a schizophrenic.  He promises the youth dreams of night clubs social clubs and all the stuff that entices the youth, but once in power he forgets all these promises and begin helping his colleagues rob the treasury.

Unfortunately some opportunistic youth in our nation persuades other innocent youth to join their cavalry to oppose what is good and side with evil. These young people are the advocates of evil. Nasheed behavior has much similarity with the devil in out religious teaching. I could picture him like a man with a tail and with an anchor shape tail end, Long ears and a crooked nose and a set of long Dracula teeth. He lures out youth to vocally voice out filthy words towards decent people, have hash oil, and take them into a trance where they fall prey to evil and eventually turn out to be hit men working for Nasheed revenge activities against opposition leaders and their families.

As usual, will not comment on his Zionist
connection when questioned
Nasheed doesn't seem to have knowledge of anything other than to be on the streets. Somehow he loves protests disruptions and chaos.  He doesn't seem to understand peacefulness, working together, amicably solving problems and forgiveness.  He is an introverted criminal mastermind full of vengeance and hatred.  Nasheed does not have the decency to talk without yelling. He is pressed into a hate machine and spreading the gospel of hate and animosity.

In conclusion I could say that this hate machine in on the loose. It would never stop until it destroys Maldives or get itself destroyed.  He would give messages of unity, justice and peace. But n actual fact he would be doing just the opposite. So does this lunatic man deserve your vote?

Good Luck Maldives you really have got a psychopath on the loose. 


  1. Nasheed truely is a mentally disturbed person.I wish to God, someone good doctor treat him and keep him isloated from public.

  2. Nasheed is mentally ill he dose not

  3. Nasheed has been diagnosed with a decease called "Manic Depressive Psychosis".. some lab reports and doctors certificates are available. I shall publish them shortly.

    1. Would you please let me know about this a little more. I am making a report of my shizo... whatever mad countryman


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