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Friday, October 11, 2013

RK Capital Maldives Connection

Fuad Thaufeeq
A letter from OCBC Bank addressed to Maldivian Elections Commissioner Mr. Fuad Thaufeeq notifying a Telegraphic Transfer of US $ 1.2 million was leaked out by the Maldivian Post Office officials.  The copy was bid for as high as MVR 400,000.00 but was caught on empty hook. 
The money was wired from RK Capital Management, Pembroke Bermuda.  RK Capital Management (Red Kite) is owned by Millionaire Michael Farmer, friend of British Prime Minister and Conservative Party Treasurer[1]. Party officials benefit from the RK Connection, recently, David Cameron, faced embarrassment, after it was revealed that his new party treasurer, Michael Farmer, funded his son’s membership of the notorious Bullingdon Club.

Michael Farmer

RK Capital, founded by Michael Farmer, David Lilley and Oskar Lewnowski III, (domiciled in Pembroke, Bermuda), operates from London and New York and manages more than $1 billion in three funds that trade in industrial and precious metals. He also runs London- based RK Capital Management LLP, and is active both in the church and in politics. He has given millions of pounds in donations to Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, saying it has done more than rivals to promote family values. [2]

The Elections commission of Maldives comprise of five members appointed for a term of five years by the Parliament (Majlis) of Maldives. The current was appointed on November 24, 2009 and matures on 2014. Mr. Fuad Thaufeeq the Elections Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Mr.  Ahmed Fayaaz Hassan was nominees of MDP. [3]

President Mohamed Nasheed the British public schoolboy with Tory links relied heavily on the Conservative party for its expertise in campaigning and policy development.  His election campaign was run by James McGrath, the former aide to the London mayor Boris Johnson. David Cameron even telephoned Mr. Nasheed, to congratulate him on his victory in 2008. [4]

Nasheed shocked the world by resigning on the February 07, 2012 having failed to crush the opposition led demonstrations that calling for the Criminal Court’s Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed is in custody of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) since he was arrested against court orders on the 16th of this month.[5] An investigation into the resignation concluded its finding in the “CoNI” Report (Commission on National Inquiry) [6]

Mohamed Nasheed
Despite the several charges that were filed against Nasheed, he was permitted to contest the Presidential Elections, against the laws and regulations of Maldives.  Under pressure from the international community particularly Britain, Canada and neighboring India the authorities manipulated the situation for confirm to foreign pressure.  On numerous occasions Nasheed concealed his political intensions with religious and medical motives to leave the country avoiding court summons.   Lastly and notably he avoided the law by hiding himself in the Indian High Commission.  The Haveeru called it “refuge from the Law”[7]

MDP headed by Nasheed was good at smear campaigns.  During the 2013 Presidential campaign, MDP had a plan to win the election on the first round and called it “Eh Burun”.  This was fiddly for the average person though not for the intelligent.  Disturbing facts were revealed with the Supreme Court ruling to annul the first round of the Elections of 2013. [8]

The Presidential Elections of 2013 has been smeared with charges of deceit, fraud and enticement. Presidential Contender and Business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim filed a case against the Commission following election for fraud and enticement.

MDP sponsored Elections Commissioner and deputy had been unusually vocal.   Commission president Fuad Thaufeeq announced that the runoff would be held on Saturday despite the Supreme Court injunction[9] although he later surrendered to the SC ruling.  

Notice of the telegraphic transfer to Mr. Fuad Thaufeeq had come on the eve of the Presidential Election (28/08/2013).  The first round of voting took place on the (07/09/2013). To authenticate the document we contacted Commissioner Fuad Thaufeeq, he refused to comment on it.

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