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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maldives Independence Charter July 26th 1965



Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Northern Ireland and the Government of the Maldives Islands; Desiring to consolidate the friendship and close association between their two countries and desiring for this purpose to revise the Agreement concluded between them on 14th February 1960, agrees as follows:

Article 1

The Provisions of the aforesaid Agreement of 1960 shall cease to have effect and they shall be replaced by the provisions of this present Agreement.

Article 2

The United Kingdom government confirms their recognition of the State of the Maldive Islands as a composite sovereign and fully independent State possessing all rights to have direct relations politically and otherwise with all countries and international organization.

Article 3

The Maldivian Government confirm the grand made by them to the United Kingdom government by the Agreement of 14th February 1960, of the unrestricted and exclusive use of the whole area of the island of Gan in A’ddu Atoll and a demarcated area of 110 acres on the island of Hithadhoo (Maamendu) of the same atoll, until the 15th day of December 1986 as a free gift. The said areas are hereafter referred to as “the Agreed Areas”.

The Maldivian Government undertake that during the period until 15th December 1986 they will not permit the entry into or use of the territory, territorial water or air space of the Maldive Islands for any purpose by any of the armed forces of any other State or the establishment by any other State of rights or facilities of a military character, unless the United Kingdom Government has consented thereto. This undertaking shall not apply to courtesy visits by aircrafts and by vessels of war in accordance with normal international practice.

The United Kingdom government may establish, operated and maintain an Airfield on Gan Island, and a Radio Station on Hithadhoo Island, and shall have unrestricted access by sea and air to the Agreed Areas, and the unrestricted use of the lagoon of A’ddu Atoll and the territorial waters adjacent to the Agreed Areas of Her Majesty’s ships as may be required. The United Kingdom Government may further utilize the lagoon of A’ddu Atoll and the territorial waters adjacent to the Agreed Areas for recreational purposed for the British forces and for the maintenance of such facilities as are specified and agreed in this Agreement and annexure.

Until the 15th day of December 1986, the United Kingdom Government may maintain within the Agreed Areas such Armed Forces as they may think fit for the exercise and use of the rights and facilities accorded to them under this Agreement. Nothing herein or hereafter contained in this Agreement shall impair the Sovereign Status of the Agreed Areas as part of the State of the Maldives Islands.

Article 4

The United Kingdom Government undertake to utilize the facilities granted to them by the Maldivian Government in the Agreed Areas only for Commonwealth defence.

Article 5

The Annexure which contains provisions relating to the implementation and interpretation of this Agreement shall form part of this Agreement.

Article 6

This Agreement shall come into force on the Twenty-sixth day of July 1965, from which date all previous agreements and understands shall cease to be effective.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed the Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Colombo this Twenty-sixth day of July 1965 in the English language

For Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:
Michael WALKER

For the Government of the Maldive Island:
Ibrahim NASIR

548 U.N.T.S 224 (1965)

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