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Friday, November 18, 2011

Is Addu the Buddhist Capital of Maldives ?

Buddhist Status in Addu City put up by President Nasheed

President Nasheed had this thought from the very beginning of MDP. But the founders of MDP were very na├»ve; they did not realize that their mastermind had a different vision to the vision they had. 
Let’s look at the rationale that led to the formation and buildup of MDP:  

MDP was formed and the color chosen was YELLOW; Yellow is the holy color of the Buddhists. When they were choosing a color many of the founders jokingly said that it was the Buddhist color and that we should have a color like white, or green or red. But on Nasheed’s adamant insistence ultimately all agreed to that color YELLOW.

Now look at the flower chosen it’s the Temple flower, the flower the Buddhists use to offer prayers to Buddha. This too was chosen by Nasheed, on the pretext that this flower was more common in Maldives than other flowers. But the hidden agenda was to slowly introduce the Buddhist culture and mythology to our thinking.

I recall Mohamed Nasheed saying that all Maldivians were Buddhists, once upon a time, and that our history was such. He also was then indirectly saying why not all become Buddhist again and integrates better into the Asian Community which is largely Buddhist.

With this in mind he slowly, unknowingly to many, got us to believe he was an advocate of democracy. But his real secret agenda we did not know until now, things started to slowly unfold.  Today he is buying Parliament members with our money to change the constitution so that other religions would be practiced in Maldives.
 And now look at what happened in Addu. A real manifestation of Buddhism in Maldives. I remember some educated MDP hard core people advocating that since most Buddhist archeological sites are in Addu and FauMulak, that it would be an ideal Buddhist capital to be in Maldives. The SAARC convention was held there not to help the Addu people, but to implant the Nasheed’s vision of a multi Religious society in Maldives.  He was exposed to Buddhism during his schooling days in Sri Lanka, where he used to spend a lot of his past time visiting temples.

The reality is many MDP supporters are still in an illusionary state of mind. They love the party for which they sacrificed so much, they now try to console themselves into believing that its only a monument and nothing more. Like the ostrich that doesn’t want to see the bigger picture (Nasheed’s Bodu Manzaru in “Aneh Dhivehi Raajje”).

Now look at the strength gathered by this Man. He has now bought Parliament Members with our money not to pass some bills that are beneficial to us, but to slowly and slowly get these guys to change the constitution so that other religions could be practiced in Maldives.

Today the change is unstoppable. Parliamentarians are fed with so much of illegal money they can’t refuse Nasheed’s request. The moment they refuse he would expose them.

So my fellow citizens be prepared, it will start in Addu and spread to all Maldives. Back to the   13th Century, where King Kalaminja and the virgin girls that has to be given to the king for raping and killing.

The Journey has started, there is no stopping. The MDP people of Addu and Fau Mulak will protect the symbols of Buddha, and Nasheed will be pronounced King Kalaminja. And the some traveler from Morocco or somewhere will come GOD knows where from. GOOD LUCK Maldivians!


  1. we are muslims and we will remain in muslim religion, mdp is not a party like u think about it. we will always defete our religion, the monument placed in addu city was brought from out brother hood islamic country pakistan. the muslim population is more in pakistan,and millions of scholars are there in pakistan, some people who dosn't know muslim religion,wants to show that they are very much religioustic, but not, the are only making an issue from this and spoiling our image. nothing is true.

  2. I am appalled to learn of Quasi-Muslims here in the Maldives. People such as Minister of Islamic affairs, who claims the Quran instructs muslims to protect the Budhas that peoples of other faiths worship. Shun such fathuvaa.
    MDP is certainly not a party like I thought of. I see that dedicated funama wants us to believe that "the monument placed in addu city was brought from out brother hood islamic country pakistan". The Foreign Minister Mr. Naseem says just the opposite. He said the Budda monuments were imported to Maldives on the "request" of this government. Who is talking the truth? All MDP people sometimes like to associate their lives with a wee bit of lies. So be it! This is my observation.

  3. We as Addu people are proud that after 800 years, Our Atoll is the first to host a Monument of Buddhist Faith. Long live Buddhism, Long Live Anni FUCK all you Extremists.

  4. just chill ,we are getting ready to place a statue of dictator golha in each island for wakhaby's and all golha's to worship. all extremists are getting made ,

  5. Brother, you can place the statue of Lutufee in Muliaage

  6. Hehehehe Where are those statues that you put up in Addu, the people of Addu the Brave people of Addu have pulled it down.
    Now I dare you MDP Idol worshippers to visit Addu. The will pellet you with the stones of those status.
    Take care.

  7. Oh Hello there, you mean now president is not going to Bankok to be with prostitutes ? What is the difference A Muslim does this or a Buddhist does that ? ha ha.. Many Maldivians go to other coountries to drink alcohols & to be with prostitutes. I know my friends do.



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