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Friday, November 25, 2011

Error in judgment or Cynical intent?

Andrew Harrisson
Ghanaian CEO of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, 

GMR plans to collect a Charge of $25.00 from all passengers departing to foreign countries from Maldives.
I wonder if this is an error in judgment by GMR  or Cynical intent on the part of the foreign company  managing the airport.

1.       A “charge” is a levy on expenses which have been incurred in relation either to a transaction or to a suit; as the charges incurred for one’s benefit must be paid by a hirer; the defendant must pay the charges of a suit. The term charges, in relation to actions, include something more than the costs, technically called.

2.       Charges should not be levied for expenses not incurred in relation to a transaction.

3.       Since a charge is a levy on a service rendered and not a service to be rendered, once a charge is levied there is no refund. 

4.       GMR in its uncertainty and quest to rob the passengers travelling from Maldives of $25.00 have a unique clause in its notice.
a.    On cancellation of the flight, the payment made will stand as credit in the name of the passenger. The airport copy of the ADC receipt will be returned to the passenger duly stamped “ valid for next flight”
b.      For Credited ADC then the passenger is required to show both the passenger copy as well as the returned airport copy to avoid ADC payment for the next flight.
c.       In the event of passenger cancelling their travel the ADC refund will be made according to the same mode of payment. Cash will be refunded in Cash & Credit card payment will be refunded to card.

5.       It is clear from the clauses above that the so called “ADC” Airport Development Charge is a charge that GMR is charging from passengers (International Passengers) who purchased tickets from airlines companies and operators. Airline is neither owned by GMR nor is this service provided by GMR. In short GMR is levying a “Charge” on passengers for a service that is provided by someone else.

6.       Is this Unique in Maldives. Yes it is.  Airport development costs are secured in the form of taxes for the use of the airport from those who use it. And we are already paying an Airport TAX. This is done to recover the cost incurred for Developing the Airport, and not for managing recurrent expenses of the Company.  Not to raise money for the company coffers.  In all cases it is levied for a limited duration of time during which time the percentage of the cost to be secured from the uses is collected as an “Airport Development TAX”.

7.       Users of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) already pay a tax an Airport Tax of US$ 18.00

8.       Understanding the proper use of the word “Charge” as in the dictionaries across the world and it’s most common usage in the English language it would be legally and morally wrong for GMR to levying a charge on the passenger who have bought a ticket to travel abroad from Maldives. A service that GMR does not provide the passenger.

9.       Look at what we already pay
a.       Airport Service Charge of US12.00 (Locals)
b.      Insurance Surcharge of US2.00 (Locals)
c.       Airport Service Charge of US 16.00 (Foreigners)
d.      Insurance Surcharge of US 2.00 (Foreigners)

10.   To sum up, we are already paying for the service and for the insurance of the Airport.
a.       Now if we have to pay for the development of the airport,
b.      then development should come before we have to pay for it.
c.       If this is not a service charge or tax, then there must be a limit in the duration and amount that is collected from customers.
d.      It’s the responsibility of the Shareholders to finance the development not the customers.

In conclusion, I would appreciate your participation in expressing your opposition to GMR's decision to levy such a huge toll on passengers. A charge of US$ 25.00 on all passengers and tourists from Maldives in addition to the US$18.00 that is already included in the sale of the ticket as “Airport Service Charge”. An "Airport Development Charge"  totaling  US$ 43.00 will have ripple effect on our economy, tourism and the local population that depend on travel to neighboring countries for medical.  

Please give your comments honestly and frankly, "Together we are strong, divided we fall"


  1. while starting ur saying $20.I believe its a mistake & as far as $25 as ADC is not acceptable as still the airport doesn't see any development & without doing so no tax/charge can be levied on passangers.

  2. I totally agree with ahmed

  3. these people are gonna destroy our tourism...its a cynical intent..no doubt.

  4. You are quite right. Fees/charges must be taken for service rendered. Not for service not rendered. There is maliciousness of intent on the part of GMR in doing this.

    Where are your Political parties, why are they not taking the matter to court. In india, GMR was not permitted by the court to charge passengers tax/fee/charges for services not rendered.

    They are now trying it in Maldives.

    I call on GMR to stop taking ADC from passengers leaving Maldives. NOW.

  5. GMR has bought all politicalns in maldives and have funded the buying of MP's.....anni is the beneficiary together with Razee and Inaz....fuck them all

  6. if the travel industry is not bugged by this affront, maybe Nasheed should start a visa fee from tourists too! seriously, I think that is what is round the corner next.

  7. these MP's and governments heads including heads of civil servants will not say against GMR, here nikamethin slums have to act rgdng this, but can this be possible?

  8. this is fucking a monopoly. this should not be allowed.

  9. Good Maldivians? Even Reeko Moosa & Kuda Sappe thinks they are good!

  10. All People are good. They created by Allah in "Ahsanu thaqveem" It's their actions that are bad. Some people do bad things, like Reeko Moosa and Kuda Sappe if you say so !
    These are the "bastards of our society" They have no respect for law and order, they are guided by greed and grief. Listen to Reeko's speaches. its Grief leading to Greed.
    Let's us all come together to stop the GMR Ripping our society. And stop charging the ADC

  11. Thank God you lost the case, and you now cannot take any ADC or ABC or any such taxes from Us.
    Wal hamdhu lillaahi.

  12. this is evidence that the failure of the Nasheed Regime had it's roots in all that was been published here.. Bravo Heywalla.. keep up the good work


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