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Friday, December 2, 2011

What an Additional US$25.00 means to us and to the GMR.

THE DETAIL is very simple.

Nasheed’s Government concealed information from the pubic for over two years about the impending ADC that GMR was permitted to levy on departing passengers since the contract was signed on 24th July 2010.

I wonder how many of us know that all departing passengers from Maldives are already taxed. Here’s what we pay now.

a.Every Maldivian Passenger pays an Airport Service Charge of US$12.00  and in addition he pays an Insurance Surcharge of US$2.00  a total of US$ 14.00

b.The Airport Service Charge for Foreigners is a bit higher, its US$ 16.00 coupled with the Insurance Surcharge of US$ 2.00 a total of US$ 18.00.

This Tax is collected by the Airlines that sell the outward journey from Male.  The absolute mess-up of the economy and the rise of the US Dollar from 12.85 to 15.42 with the introduction of the “floating exchange rate band” the US Dollar is now available in the Black Market for Rf 17.50. Effectively, the actual Airport Service Charge for the locals translates to Rf. 245.00 per passenger. 

GMR in their quest for more money is planning to levy an additional Airport Service Charge of US$25.00, rebranded as “Airport Development Charge”, this bring the toll for Locals to US$ 39.00 (Rf. 682.50) and for foreigners to a staggering US$ 43.00

What does this mean? The GMR has the airport until 2032. To see into the future and the kind of money this government has allowed the GMR to make from Maldives for only the cosmetic changes that has been implemented thus far, we developed a trend forecast of only the income of $ 43.00 based on actual data published by the Ministry of Tourism actuals from 2005 to 2010.

The Total revenue from Tourist Arrivals/Departures only that GMR will collect during their contract period is forecasted at US$ 805,319,550.00. (Rf. 12,418,027,461.00)

International Passenger traffic forecast published by GMR indicate a total passenger movement increase from 1,000,000 in 2005 to an amazing 2,000,000 in 2010 with a phenomenal growth projected at 2,750,000 in 2015. These figures projected to year 2032 shows a staggering 5,416,666 passengers using the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport only that year.  The total revenue that would be generated from figures forecasted by GMR totals to a figure US$ 881,562,500.00 Rf. (13,593,693,750.00) by the year 2030.

Airport Development Charges and Taxes are not an alien concept in the Aviation industry. However, such taxes are levied to fund ongoing development projects or part cost of facility development costs. The Service Charges are usually levied as a recurring charge, the proceeds of which go for the maintenance of the Airport facilities. The Development charge has clear cut corners.

1.       Airport Development Charge/Tax is levied to secure part or percentage of the cost of an ongoing Airport Development Project to be secured within a specified period for time.

2.       It cannot be taxed for an indefinite period of time, like an Airport Service Charge.

This new ADC the GMR plans to introduce in 2012 is a blatant disregard for Principles of Airport Management and Good Practices. 


  1. Who else is responsible for this epic robbery accept Ganjabo Nasheed and his band of corrupt thieves? How much kick back has Razee and Hashim got? How much is being pumped in the MDP coffers! God alone knows. In my wildest imagination I can't visualize corruption of this magnitude. Maldives will not forgive these SOBs. Not today - not ever. I say - gather, mob the airport, mob Muleeage' and end this corrupt regime now and forever. God bless those amongst us who the lead!

  2. the whole justification for handing the airport on a platter to a foreign concern was that the country's coffers were empty and that an investor's money was required to expand the airport and its services. I wouldn't have minded even the Gov of Maldives charging a 40$ tax for expanding this cruicial sector, but now, quite obviously it appears that we have all been taken for a ride!

  3. GMR is securing from only the so called development charge the equivalent of Nasheed 2012 Budget. What a surprise.
    We voted for change and we got the change. No I wonder who will come to the rescue of us poor Maldivians?
    MDP is history now. I call on all the parliamentarians to put a moratorium on the proposed ADC until a Supreme court decision.

  4. Work in progress commendable ill timed premature needs review for $25 until imposition little later as upgrade projects progress n near completion.

  5. Nazeer, U use the airport quite often. Anything that has become easier since the GMR take over?

  6. Only cosmetic changes like changing the Paint, moving partitions make the halls look bigger and spacious. Nothing substantial.

    I believe that the GMR is having problems with a loan that they have applied for. In view of the fact that there are these two impending court cases in the supreme court of the Maldives, banks are not comfortable to come forward with funding.

    It all centers around the question of the legality of the Contract between GMR and the Maldivian Government. We all know that Mr. Nasheed awarded the contract to GMR after a series of off the record dealings and by passing many legal frameworks that were established.

    One simple example is the arbitrary interference into the MACL Board which refused to approve the venture. The Chairman who worked in the interest of the organization Mr. Noordeen was replaced by a puppet and sold out man Mr. Banday, who was kicked out of Bandos for reasons you can call Mr. Deen to verify.

    more on this? Nasheed delayed sanctioning laws passed by the Parliament and even on the insistence of the Supreme court. to make way for this contract without seeking proper authorization.

    I am a staff of the Maldives Airports company, and I do not wish to be identified. But I will in future coloborate with Heywalla2013. I will pass required information and monitor the blog. It is good work you are doing ! Keep up the work!

  7. I wish someone really check the number of flights, specially scheduled flights lands at Hulhule Airport. From what I know, only 2 mornings of 7 days of the week are filled to the existing capacity of Arrival Terminal. Mornings and afternoons of the rest of the week are without any flights on the Apron.

    Question here is do they really need to expand the capacity of Hulhule Airport.

    Why not segregate flights to ease the flow by scheduling to fill the remaining slots before thinking of expanding the infrastructure and other facilities.

    Why not improve the existing facilities without expansion.

    Do we really need to sell our future for the benefit of Indians and present Governments Gooneies.

  8. What about other benefits GMR will get from Hulhule Airport. What about rents. What Ground Handling Services. What About Fuel.

    Do you know the rent of Duty free Liquor shop is over USD 80,000.00 per month. Most of the other shops are over USD 40,000.00 per month. What about the other areas leased out.

    Do you know GMR get US 1 cent for each and every ltr. of aviation fuel the sell. Last year alone they supplied 5 million ltrs. of jet fuel. Think of how much they will get within 25 years.

    We are being robbed day and night.

  9. http://www.haveeru.com.mv/news/39057
    So much for not heading our calls. When MVK shafeeq heralded the takeover of the airport by the GMR, he miscalculated their intentions.

    I am afraid, Male city bus rides also may come to a stand still

  10. Thank God The GMR is stopped at the core. I am very thankfull to Allah Almighty that the GMR was not allowed to tax us.
    Hamdu Hamdu wa shukr. Yaa Allah please accept our prayers and call for a sane and benevolent government in Maldives.


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