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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Open letter to Mr. Andrew A Harrison – Chief Executive Officer, INIA, Maldives.

Heywalla2013, please publish this Open letter to Mr. Andrew A Harrison – Chief Executive Officer, INIA, Maldives. (Ali Saleem)

They gave us an Airport 

He took it away from us for a Few Dollars.

So dear Mr. Andrew A Harrison,

Now what? The court ruled against you.

How are you going to collect your $25.00 + another $2.00 for your ADC? Beginning January 01, 2012? Big blow in the face isn’t it?  Short shortsightedness and greed led you to where you are now. Don’t you think it’s better to be an ostrich than a CEO in INIA?  It's “Packing up time” for you Mr. Harrison and your Garrison in the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

Managing the airport is not going to be easy anymore. With mentally sick people in your management team people such as Moosa Solih, Mohamed Hassan and relic such as Mohamed Solih. We are watching you closely, we will catch up with you every turn of the corner, no more increasing rents to take back home.  

And please no more kickbacks for favors done. Let us take this opportunity to warn you “DON'T YOU KICK ANY MALDIVIAN OUT OF JOB IN THE NAME OF CUTTING COSTS”. However, if you wish to do so, do away with those who crossed you, provided the framework for legal thought that brought you face to face with your fist major disaster. The most prominent relics are mentioned FYI.  

We were so overwhelmed and happy for our people who grieved over decision of this rouge government to lease the airport to GMR, we thought we’d share our joy and happiness over your first big loss the court case with you.  We as a people are indeed very happy, and to be honest even the members of the rouge government (most of them) rejoice with us.

No matter what Mr. Mohan Nasheed and Razee tell you, don’t think of taxing the poor people of Maldives any more than there already are.  The taxes and levies on us are draining us, with rising costs and falling standard of living, we are now paying through our noses to stay alive hoping and praying 2013 will be sooner and not later.

How are you going to tax the poor locals effective 1st of January 2012? We’d like to be the first passengers to be in your airport on the 1st of January 2012 for departure course. Would you tax us? I think you have some sense of what it means to rip off people. I urge you. Don’t do that. Do away with your rip off policies such as your ADC.

Tell you what. I’d like you to please remove that flash banner on your home page, the one with the advertisement about the ADC effective January 01, 2012... I know you don’t have the guts or the authority to collect tax. So please just remove the banner.
Thanks you. Love you man.

All those who cared for and loved
Our country (Maldives so much)


  1. at least Mr Andrew is trying to do better airport. 30 years nothing has done to improve..Shame

  2. Ibrahim Noordeen, Mohamed Ibrahim and Moosa Solih are responsible for inactivity in of the airport during the past 15 years. Even this government have not been able to do away with these relics. Look now MACL is now stagnant with MI there.

  3. I agree with you. I think its time for GMR to seek out alternatives to staying put in INIA. We need change not for the worse, but for the better. We need not day light robbers, but benevolent partners. We need honest and caring friends not blood sucking and dollar thirsty corrupt people

  4. I fully understand and appreciate your sentiment. Wish all you Maldivians every success in the future. May the love Allah Al-Mighty save you from the tyrannical situation you are in, and hold to account those responsible.

  5. @ anonymous December 8, 2011 9:59 AM ,
    Oh shut up! At least we Maldivians built the airport out of nothing from the deep blue lagoon of Hulhulhe? We will develop it. Don't you worry.

  6. This is no better than the President saying to us in his public speach, "Dhivehinge Ageedhaa Varugadha kuray, ... I am going to be making more monuments and you guys will have to put up with it" Yes! we built the airport out of nothing we we will not put up this government's corrupt acts of taking bribes and selling our heritage to anyone, let alone the Inidians.

  7. Compared to Mohamed Ibrahim Andrew is a much better manager.

  8. This is interesting, I am happy that the courts have taken the matter up. Reading through your comments, and in response, all I have to say is Mr. Andrew may be a better manger than Mr. Mohamed but he is not better than a 5th Grader.

  9. Alarge scale daylight looting is being carried out here in maldives by the new government.

  10. Fada Boay Golha BO!...dhen la la la

  11. Azima shukoor 1 kiru dhoonidhoo anei kiru court gaa....amaa fuiyay dhen v dhay...

  12. why isn't Nasreena thalhaa Gassan bandhu nukoh e ulheny???

  13. Golhaa Gazhy tha dhen halan j hay nee....

  14. Golhaa Gazhy tha helumeh vure Raiyithu IsGazee aai Nasheed Filagen Kumburudhoo kahala falhurasheh gai bolaa foshaa ahaigen ulhen jeheynee


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