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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Madman of Maldives

Article forwarded by Moosa Ali/Udheresvilla, Male

Why should we Maldivians ever want to support Mohamed Nasheed (Anni)? Just take a deep breath and think for a while my fellow countrymen. He came to us the name of freedom promising to bring true democracy, instead took us from the frying pan and put us into the fire.

I have ten sentences that will describe the evil President Nasheed has brought upon us:
  1. The economy has been ransacked and has hit rock bottom. We will all feel the pinch.
  2. Nasheed and his activists enjoy on the hard earned money of the citizens collected as taxes.
  3. The social terrain has been torn apart.  Friendly neighbors are now enemies, the good manners have been replaced with hooliganism and gansterism.
  4. Criminals jailed for murder and violent crimes are released from jail to streets to terrorize the people.
  5. Security has been replaced with insecurity, now after dusk Male city turns into a violent may heaven for nocturnal people in MDP camp smoking pot and hashish.
  6. Law and Order has been substituted by chaos and disobedience to the law, keeping the Armed forces and Police under his control, he directly disregards the court rulings and parliament’s deliberations.
  7. Nasheed Uses the Armed Forces to scare warn independent media and involve in acts beyond their jurisdiction. He instructs Police not to arrests the MDP gangs that terrorizing the citizens.
  8. Issues orders to disrupt tourism which is the only major source of revenue to the Maldives
  9. Aids and abet corruption and misuse state funds, pay parliament members from state funds to pass his regulation
  10.  Looks upon the citizens as the enemy and defame Maldivian in the international arena.

Do you deny what I have said? the list is long and endless. The question I have to all good Maldivians is;  Is Nasheed worth to be our President for a minute?  You decide certainly I will not give any support to this Misled Madman.


  1. go fuck urself yah big hippocrite , also learn better english if u gonna write a blog dimwit.

  2. meethi salhiyey mdp ganjaa thakah nuvaane hajameh

  3. my ass. learn english and then have a go at blogging, wacko.

  4. Obviously, some MDP sympathizers are very concerned and obsessed by the points in this article. It appears what you have stated here are true. Good Job Mr. Heywalla, it's been very interesting reading your articles.

  5. Mee thedu vaahaka. Qabool kurevey, hama efadhain MDP meehunakah mi haqeegai hajameh nukureveyne.

  6. Yeah , people like David Hardingham and his followers should learn to take this. This is Democracy. Why do they seem to be so obsessed with the Quality of English of this Article? Seems ok with me, rather they are more surprised that these are true facts that the president wont be elected for 2013.

  7. Rightly said. Misled Madman. How else can you politely qualify this guy? On the 23rd of December 2011 Maldivians nationwide proved that Nasheed will not be elected in 2013. So Hewalla OK!!

  8. Well said! Nasheed aka Annie aka Ganjabo aka Dontuttu...! Dontuttu will never get elected again! Hahaha!


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