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Monday, June 18, 2012

What Do We Want for Our Children?

By Dr. Bill Gould
Dr. Bill Gould
A note to all Maldivians. Think and do the right thing.
That is the question. We all know the political pains we have suffered and are still continuing to experience. The path from despotism to democracy is never an easy one. There have been many casualties and collateral damage in its wake but isn’t it time to determine where we want to go from here? This is not about ideology. It is time for clear thinking, consideration of all possible options and wise choices. Those choices must include the future of the Maldives and our children.
The 4 and ½ years I spent living and working in the Maldives were a great experience for me. I fell in love with your country, people and culture. I was able to connect with all levels of the country from grade school children to organizations, corporations and governmental departments. I dealt with your former president and leading individuals from the Opposition Party. I met with your intellectually elite and people on the islands that are the backbone of your nation. You may discount my feelings for The Maldives since I am an American, a foreigner and an infidel but I do not want to make this an ideological argument. You can never discount the love I have for your country.
It is really all about our kids. What kind of reality do you want to create for them? That is the question. Period! Right now, you have the power to decide. They do not. You and you alone will create their future reality and that is why I have decided to step back into the fray.
I was there in Male during many of the riots. Is that what you want to pass along to your children? I don’t think so. Forgive me if I am wrong. I am simply asking a question and not attempting to provide the answers only you can arrive at.
I have been called the Grandfather of Transformational Thinking. That is what I taught all those years in your country. If there is any country in the process of dynamic transformation, it is the Maldives!
Whatever direction you choose, please, for the sake of your children, choose a path that will create greater opportunities for your children than you never considered possible for you in your lifetime. Realize that what you establish now is not about you, but your children.
If you disagree with current political leadership, please do not do so from a militant stance. There are much better and more effective ways of making a point. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King proved that. Shut down the dhonis or the taxis? Close the resorts. Shut down the tuna industry? Is that really what your children need? I think not.
As a father and grandfather, I have done everything possible to create a better future for my son and grandson. That was always my primary concern. Have I always made the best choices possible? No. But I always did the best I could and that is what the people of the Maldives, you, must do now.
I will not take a side in this difference of opinion and ideology. That would violate my position as a philosopher. However, I will offer some suggestions as to thinking. That is what I do.
I am hoping that this article will be a starting point. Can we establish a forum that is based upon the concept of a Free Thinking Zone? Leave your ego, beliefs and preconceptions at the door. Enter with an open mind, heart and spirit.
Stop and look around you. Is this the world you want to pass on to your children? I think not. I believe, worldwide, parents want to create a reality that presents better opportunities for their children than they ever had.
It is within our hands, hearts, minds and souls to come together and do that now. It is simply a matter of choice. It is your choice. It is one you must make now or lose it forever. What kind of future do you want to create for your children?
Love and peace,

(This article was forwarded to Heywalla2013 by an associate and requested to be published. The article and its contents are the property of writer Dr.Bill Gould)

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