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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nasheed's Racist Twist

David Hardingham "Keeper of Nasheed"
One would never have thought that Commonwealth favorite Mr. Mohamed Nasheed was racist.  His British advisor and Keeper Mr. David Hardingham’s  last card in shear desperation has led this little cynical man who resigned from power under the influence of drugs to engage in racist activities as a means to regain power he surrendered on February 07, 2012.  Nasheed’s close aide Hora Ibbe said “I asked him not to go out there on the morning of February 7th. I knew he will blow it, because he was drinking heavily the night before at Muliaage.”

Nasheed’s Addiction to light drugs and alcohol had taken its toll on him. In his letter of resignation to the Speaker of Parliament he wrote, I resign from my position as President of Maldives, because I believe  I may cause harm to Maldives and its people if I stayed any longer as President. 

His exhaustive struggle to regain power, he lost while under the influence of alcohol began the very next day 8th of February. Remarkably it was also the day the table turned. During his watch, Nasheed had ordered the use of pepper spray and rubber bullets on the Itthihaad coalition demonstrations when in power for 26 days. He faced tear gas and pepper spray for the first time on February 8, 2012. The breakup of the demonstrations on February 8th was not nearly as violent as it was in the preceding days of demonstrations by Itthihaad. However, the western press reported otherwise.

Now having exhausted all other means of mounting pressure, intimidating, disturbing the peace in the community, Nasheed has resorted to a unique racist approach.  The latest of his racist acts is to depict President Mohamed Waheed as a crow. Why? Because Dr. Waheed is born dark skinned, and the crow is black.   

This latest plan is masterminded Mr. David Hardingham a British national and Christian preacher, Racist and Keeper of Mr. Nasheed.  Britain has yet to rid itself of the appalling racist ideology that was rooted in most all British colonies during the hay days of the British Empire.  Chair of Britain’s Commission for Racial Equality Trevor Phillips accused Britain of "sleepwalking toward apartheid" He said Britain is fragmenting into isolated racial communities.  

The BBC has reported that the latest crime statistics appear to support Phillips' concerns. They show that race-hate crimes increased by almost 600 per cent in London in the month after the July 7 bomb attacks, with 269 more offences allegedly "motivated by religious hatred" reported to the Metropolitan Police, compared to the same period last year.

MDP Poster used in Demonstrations
MDP supporters rally the streets of Male with caged crows, and posters of President Waheed’s head in a crow's picture representing color hatred.  Nasheed and the MDP cult have put  Hardingham’s racist plan into full operation in Maldives.  Nasheed has shown his true colors. Without doubt he is the most terrible person that Maldives ever saw in the darn age in time.  One could without reasonably attribute  Nasheed in Maldives to Hitler in Europe for spreading so much hate and animosity among a nation.  So much pain and agony has been endured by the people, Nasheed with his cultic seduction, has managed to take control of the minds of young people supplying them small doses of drugs, and secure places to engage in extra marital "free" sex. 

In his dire desperation the MDP cult has engaged Black magic and sorcery  to force President Dr. Mohamed Waheed out of Office.  Smoking rituals are a daily occurring in the Usfasgandu.  A police raid on the Usfasgandu area revealed material that were used in  sorcery practice tied to the wings of the crows that were caged, and branches of shrubs and bushes.

These are symptoms of cultic beginnings.  With the blessing of the Commonwealth leadership particularly the CMAG and a few in the CW Secretariat whose names we wish not to reveal for the moment,  Mr. Nasheed continues his campaign of vandalizing and destroying its social fabric of our society, calling for change of the constitution to accommodate religious pluralism in the country.


  1. Interesting article. I wonder what Nasheed has to say about this, and also what Mr.Hardingham's response it to this article.

  2. Nasheed's academic life was spent with David. There is indeed something in this text to learn from. David I've know to be not somuch a racist, but an guy who will stop at nothing to spread the word of God. David is a devote christian, and he will go to lengths to get Maldives on the list of Multi religious country.


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