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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Commonwealth Crusade

Kamalesh Sharma Secretary General of Commonwealth

Ever since Mohamed Nasheed resigned from office as President of Maldives, his friends and allies in the west particularly in England mounted undue pressure on the Maldivian Government claiming he was deposed in a coup d’├ętat.  The Commonwealth under pressure from the British based pressure group “The Friends of Maldives” suspended Maldives from CMAG and placed Maldives on its formal agenda.

In an unexpected twist of events Commonwealth called for “Early Elections” in the Maldives to support Mr. Nasheed’s call regardless of the fact it was aware that there was no provision for an “Early Elections” in the current Constitution of Maldives.

The enhanced mandate of the CMAG approved in Perth in October 2011 allowed it to place a country on its agenda only if there was
  1. Unilateral abrogation of a democratic constitution or serious threats to constitutional rule
  2. The suspension or prevention of the lawful functioning of parliament or other key democratic institutions
  3. The postponement of national elections without constitutional or other reasonable justification
  4. The systematic denial of political space, such as through detention of political leaders or restriction of freedom of association, assembly or expression.”

Commonwealth is blinded to the demonstrations in
Maldives against Nasheed. 
None of the above conditions occurred in the Maldives. The transition of power that took place on February 7, 2012 was peaceful and was in accordance with the Law of the Land as prescribed in the Constitution. When an incumbent President resigns or the post becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice President is required to take the post of President.  Despite the realities, CMAG has insisted on keeping Maldives on its agenda. The Commonwealth Ministerial Mission that visited Maldives from 17-19 February and was unable to determine whether any of the above four conditions exists in the Maldives.

President Waheed reiterated his willingness to cooperate with the Commonwealth despite the fact that, the CMAG lacked the mandate to place the Maldives on its agenda. His Administration cooperated with the Commonwealth and accepted what he called were reasonable suggestions that would make the outcome of the Commission of National Inquiry CNI; an Inquiry Commission setup by Presidential decree to investigate into the events that led to the resignation of Mohamed Nasheed then president on February 07, 2012, credible and acceptable to all parties concerned.

The latest odyssey the Government is confronted with by the Commonwealth-Nasheed Alliance is Nasheed’s claim for representation in the CNI.  This claim is vehemently backed by Sir Donald MacKinnon former Secretary General and now special envoy to the Maldives.  There seem to be a clandestine sentiment for Mr. Nasheed by the out of fashion Colonial Organization, the Commonwealth.

Under pressure from Commonwealth, the government agreed to allow a retired foreign judge and a representative of Nasheed to sit on the panel. To make it look good the Commonwealth recommended the government agree to the following selection criteria.  It was recommended that the selected individual
  • Be a person of integrity with high ethical, moral and professional standards with at least an undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • Not have been politically active during the past two years
  • Not have held a Cabinet post or served as a member of the People’s Majlis during the past two years
  • Not have taken a public stand on the events of 7 February 2012.”

Nasheed has forwarded nearly ten names, non that falls within the agreed criteria. Commonwealth pressure on the government remains unabated to accept Nasheed’s recommendations despite the fact. The names suggested by Nasheed are:
1. Mr. Mohamed Aslam (Minister of Housing and Environment in Nasheed’s Cabinet at the time of the resignation);
2. Ms. Shifa Mohamed (Minister of Education in Nasheed’s Cabinet at the time of the resignation and MDP activist entrusted in organizing rallies against Government Ministers.);
3. Mr. Hassan Latheef (Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports in Nasheed’s Cabinet at the time of the resignation and MDP activist, who has been assigned to act as the lawyer to MDP unconstitutional activities);
4. Ms. Hudha Ahmed (a cousin of Nasheed and MDP activist)
5. Ms. Aishath Velezinee (a State Minister in Nasheed’s Government at the time of the resignation and MDP activist, who is the assigned to undertake covert social media operations)
6. Mr. Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem (former Managing Director of Maldives Airport Company Limited, who is married to Nasheed’s wife’s aunty),
7. Ms. Fareesha Abdulla (former Under Secretary, Legal Affairs, at the President’s Office at the time of the resignation)
8. Ms. Hisaan Hussain (former legal affairs Secretary in the Nasheed administration and MDP activist, who is presently working on hate mongering on the social media like Facebook)
9. Ms. Mariya Didi  (former MDP Chairperson, current contender for the MDP President and MDP activist)
10.Lieutenant Colonel Zubair Ahmed Manik (uncle of Nasheed and serving member of Maldives National Defense Force)

In a press release, Sir Donald said: “It is imperative that confidentiality is preserved while these sensitive discussions are ongoing in order to provide space for the parties to reach a desirable outcome.”  This is the limit of secrecy and tolerance that Donald and Commonwealth would ensuring for this ludicrous criminal Mohamed Nasheed (former President), who masterminded the torching of the police stations and court houses in the Southern Atoll of Addu.
Britain through its engine designed to sustain colonialism; the Commonwealth is replaying the ugly role it played in India during India’s struggle to free itself form the thievery of England.

“Commonwealth of Nation” as it is called is made up of former colonies of the “British Empire”. Britain along with Australia and Canada normally opt to insidious methods of living its colonial and racist past to exercise control over the former colonies through the Commonwealth of Nations.  Clearly, in this 21st century, one country or an organization meddling with the internal affairs of another is barbaric and unacceptable.  Nonetheless, CMAG and the Secretary General of Commonwealth and its ambassadors feel it quite justified in bullying the little country striving to overcome and put behind the colossal economic mismanagement and unconstitutional activities that Nasheed has left behind.

The Government of Maldives wrote to the Secretary General of the colonial organization Mr. Kamalesh Sharma, but to no avail. He felt justified in going along with the former President Mr. Nasheed. Clearly commonwealth sympathies are with Nasheed and the Colonial Organization is clearly blinded.  Whereas Mr. Kamalesh Sharma should be demanding an investigation into the suspension of the constitution and the kidnapping of the Criminal Court Head Judge Abdulla Mohamed by the military on the orders of Nasheed, and those economic and social crimes Nasheed engaged in during his three year  tenure in office, Kamalesh feels quite justified in ignoring these hideous crimes, and continues to mount pressure on the government in Maldives to probe into Nasheed’s claim that he was ousted in a military coup.

The Commonwealth's Boy Nasheed vicious and wicked.
  surprising semblance of Hitler in Nasheed.
The cynical intention and manner of the Commonwealth becomes apparent from their press release, where the “Commonwealth urged the preservation of the confidentiality of matters related to the CNI after Nasheed had expressed concern over the government publicizing his every nomination to the Commission”.  Commonwealth seems to accept Nasheed playing his immature childish game of sending in names of relatives and cronies to be placed on the CNI a position that Commonwealth advocated on behalf of Nasheed.

Vicious and Wicked
surprising semblance of Nasheed in Hitler
To the Commonwealth the Maldivian people has just this to say, would you care to come to Maldives and see for yourself who is behind the crimes against our society committed in the name of democracy? Who is using drugs, and prostitution as a means of attracting the youth and in the process destroying the social fabric of the country in the name of freedom rallies? And who is spreading the gospel of hate, animosity and decent amongst the population through hate speeches in the name of freedom of speech? These issues are apparent the moment one sets foot on the once peaceful and lovely islands. Now torn apart by this venomous ex-president who lured the people into believing he is a democrat.

People who advocate democracy and freedom of speech before coming to power once in power ruthlessly subdue the people and sows the seed of tyranny and autocracy to remain in power. Among the classical examples are Nasheed of Maldives, Mubarak of Egypt and Gadhafi of Libya. 


  1. Why do these big countries meddle with the internal affairs of little countries. Commonwealth has to be told its limits.

  2. I am surprised that an organization such as the Commonwealth will go to the limits of lunacy in support of a mad man like Nasheed. There surely must be some vested interest. Could it be Religious pluralism? This I know was something that the Friends of Maldives was promoting through their church in Salisbury.
    Good Luck Maldivians. I wish you all the luck
    Don't yield to pressure.

  3. Nasheed is loosing steam. He has just a hand full of followers now. Soon Nasheed will be history.

  4. Jeheny hama bunaa bass ahan.


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