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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Commonwealth and the Maldives

By Athif Ali
Commonwealth has put Maldives on the agenda in 2012 hoping they could destroy Maldivian society. Many secret meetings were held with Commonwealth Officials and the Maldivian Democratic Party (popularly known as Maldivian Dangerous People) in London. A close aide of Nasheed in the MDP’s echelon revealed the agreement with commonwealth and Nasheed as blatant and unbelievable. A Commonwealth top official in the London Office was promised a resort in Maldives if he moved Commonwealth to support Nasheed claim to presidency and pressure the current President to resign.

However absurd and dirty the deal is, the truth is just this. All these years when Nasheed’s government committed atrocities in Maldives, the Commonwealth turned a blind eye.  They said it was a domestic issue and that the people should decide. But today all issues both domestic and those addressed in the constitution has suddenly come to the attention of the Commonwealth and everything has to be done in accordance with Commonwealth wishes. This is so, because it’s a deal given to the commonwealth; riches for life from the Maldivian people only revenue tourism.  How dirty and barbaric can anyone be more than this?

The Maldivians today despise the Commonwealth. Every street corner and in every household the Commonwealth is seen as a Goliath trying to crush the little Maldives. The Maldivian Media gives a very virtuous account of Commonwealth bullying tactics on Maldives.  It’s like a leach preying on the vulnerability of this small island nation.  The reality is sad; the very institutions we thought would help us are pressurizing us and robbing us of our pennies just to keep them rich and happy (typically like the Sheriff of Nottingham). How could the rest of the Nations of the Commonwealth ignore and stand by in silence to watch the CMAG go ahead pressuring the legal Government to resign and restore to power a vicious mad and a dangerous man into power to keep the citizens under a tyrant.  It is not a surprise to us; CMAG members are mounting pressure on Maldives, because they were promised resorts in if they help Nasheed (the Maldivian Dictator and tyrant) come into power.

The Maldivian People must never give up hope. This country belongs to us. Neither Nasheed nor Commonwealth did anything to help the Maldives prosper. The defiance of the Maldivian People would prevail however poor we are, we are still nation of freedom loving people.  This is our land our native land. No Maldivian is going to bow to the pressures of Nasheed the Tyrant or the Commonwealth that has cut a deal with Nasheed.

We Maldivians urge Commonwealth Nations and the Queen, to look into the matter. History will not be kind to you, when such corrupt deals are made with rouge un-patriotic people like Nasheed.  Honorable Leaders of democratic Nations must not allow such dirty deals to be made during your watch.

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