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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Freighted President angered by size and scale of Demonstration spends Christmas in Dhonnakulhi.

Crowds as far as the eye can see gathered on Dec 23 2011  to demonstrate
against  President Nasheed's Government  extremist policies in Maldives.

The message that echoed from the mass demonstration organized against MDP Government on December 23, 2011 was very clear. Nasheed interpreted the call as usual in its very extreme view; not unusual of an extremist.  

What he and the radical government refuse to accept is that prostitution is viewed as a form of slavery in civilized societies and not as liberation of women. In many countries it is banned by law. Although it’s illegal here in the Maldives, Mr. Nasheed and his cabinet seems to view it as a profession worthy of women and a viable source of income for them folks. 

The demonstration was organized by a consortium of political and social parties; Adhalath Party was one of them. They had a five point agenda for Nasheed.
  1. Close the Prostitution houses run in “Male and other inhabited islands registered as Spa’s” during the previous regime.
  2. Withdraw permission if granted for Al El (Israeli Airline) to land in Maldivian Airports
  3. Remove the Buddhist Statues that were put up in Addu to commemorate the opening of the SAARC Summit
  4. Stop the selling of Alcohol in inhabited islands, and contain it to Tourist Resort only
  5. Nasheed apologize to the people for the blasphemous speech given by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillai while on invitation from the President in Maldives to the Citizens Majlis (the Parliament)

The Consortium demanded government closes Spas and Massage Parlors registered in Male and other inhabited islands that engaged in prostitution, not the spa-baths in the resorts. Nasheed who calls himself a moderate, more often than never, always took the extreme view and subsequent action. In this case too he has behaved as an extremist.

The mammoth demonstration of freighting proportion by Maldivian standards went on from 16:00 to the early hours of the next day. Despite repeated efforts, by the Home Minister and the President, the police refused to step in to breakup the peaceful and highly organised demonstration. Nasheed, mad and obsessed opted to take the extremist stand on the five demands to the Government.

Angered by MDP’s failure to organize a counter demonstration, Nasheed retreated to a Donnakulhi Tourist Resort in the north of the country  where he participated in Christmas Celebrations and left for Sri Lanka on (invitation) said a press release from the President’s Office.

Driven by free mason philosophies for the Nasheed’s government staying aloft is becoming a daily fight against established norms in this country. This fight against government and nation has brought the country to its knees. Who prevails is to be seen in 2013.

Signs of decay within the party are already visible, two days ago the Minister of Finance and his Deputy and the state minister for Finance and the State Financial Advisor all resigned in just a span of two days. Nasheed should be looking for Aladdin’s lamp in Muliaage.  

The opposition has wowed to ban MDP after coming to power in 2013 for the mayhem and disruption MDP has caused and brought to these peaceful islands and people that thrived a smiling economy.


  1. This man (Nasheed) is crazy. Today he creates yet another Government owned Company (in the trend of the Utility Companies he created) just for the purpose of managing a small regional airport he announced. WTF is wrong with this monkey's brain? Does he think we Maldivians are morons? We know that he is creating his campaign machinery by installing his people in various regions of the Country in what he thinks are positions of political strength. It only show that this brain-retarded idiot doesn't know what ticks Maldivians.

  2. I only hope he doesn't commit suicide in 2014 and waits to face justice. He must remain in jail for the rest of his life. Nasheed and his cabinet including the top ranked MDP mad men must face the consequences of their action. Viva Maldives.

  3. I just don't understand why the Maldivians are so pessimistic about the current administration! The Maldivians have been suppressed and deprived of basic rights for all most three decades. It is a well known fact that Mr Nasheed brought this rather amazing changes to Maldives with out any bloodshed. Lets go forward with the country and lets develop. Lets move forward. Lets bring out our NATIONALISM forward...


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