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Friday, January 27, 2012

The People will Prevail...

Article forwarded by Moosa Ali/Udheresvilla, Male 

Defiant and hot tempered  as ever.  President Nasheed is
 considered a threat to the Nation 

President Nasheed's stupidity has plunged the nation into chaos, His demonstration of stupidity and in experience of leadership, has ruined the international reputation and the economy of this once so called the paradise. Maldivians had great hope when they elected a new president in 2008, but to their dismay the hope changed to military gaining over this drug addict president and military's heavy handedness leading to arbitrary arrests and abduction of innocent citizens not giving them their basic constitutional rights. The Military abducting judges, threatening the media, wearing terrorist gear and stoning TV stations, and spending taxpayer’s money as if it’s their own money are some of the evil atrocities.

Every night the Maldivian military with mask covered faces forcefully enter homes and terrorize innocent people sleeping peacefully while the abduction of people continues. And like the silence of the lambs, the victims cry all night, only to find out at dawn a loved one has been abducted.

Night after night citizens protest, begging the military to act within their constitutional powers, but to no avail the police and the military brutally crush their protests with tear gas, pepper spray, and stun guns. Nightly scores get arrested and many get treated in hospitals, some for major baton injuries.

Major General of the Maldivian Armed Forces Moosa Jaleel had been a very popular figure with the public. But due to his association with this Dictator Mohamed Nasheed, Moosa Jaleel is being seen as aiding this Dictator to stay in power, even when 80% of the Citizens are against the Nasheed regime.

The Independent Institutions like the Supreme Court, High court, and the lower court has condemned the actions of President Nasheed as unconstitutional and against the newly adopted constitution of Maldives. Abducting judges like Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed at night by the anti-terrorist force of the military, just because he refused to execute summary detention of political opponents.

A Prominent Parliamentarian and a popular lawyer, Nasheed (Kutti) during the demonstration against the abduction of judges addressed to the armed forces personnel standing beside the demonstrators said, "even if you crush me with all your might, every drop of my blood will still say that the abduction of Justice Abdulla Gazee is illegal and unconstitutional".

The hunger for democracy and freedom is unrelenting. The citizens of Maldives are not going to surrender to another dictator. President Nasheed is mistaken. The families of the military and the police lives amongst the very public they beat and use pepper spray. Every tear the public shed would eventually translate into anger and determination. 

Their wrath would ultimately translate into reciprocity against the fellow citizens who are abusing the power vested by the citizens.

There is no wall high enough
There is no ocean wide enough
There is no abyss deep enough
There is no army strong enough
To stop the sacrificial errand making his rounds

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