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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maldivian Spring has begun:

The beginning of the Maldivian Spring

Today Maldivians are witnessing a popular uprising against the Government. Maldivian Spring has begun.  Eighty per cent of the population in Maldives now wants a change in Government. There are many reasons for this; Nasheed came into power promising the people democracy and freedom of speech and the outgoing President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom who was forced to sign the new constitution has gave the Maldivian citizens freedom of thought and speech and brought in democracy for all citizens of Maldives.

However, today the people President Nasheed thought would guide him and give him good advice has taken the opportunity to take advantage of the new power they have got and has rupted the government into corruption never ever seen in thousand years in Maldivian History even when the Kings were ruling. Close aides and party top shots of MDP has siphoned out state funds and taken bribes from state public enterprises. This has forced President into a “catch 22” situation.

If he goes against the cronies and party top shots they are ready to dump him. (A party coup once cropped up and Nasheed managed to crush it). Hence the only alternative he has to allow the party top brass to get corrupt and keep his fingers crossed in the hope that he could bluff his way through the 2013 elections.

This strategy is very naïve of President Nasheed. He is counting on the armed forces and the police to protect him against the citizens. The top Brass of both the Armed Forces and the Police have been given massive amounts of cash to build their houses and take luxurious vacations on state funds.

Hoping to win the support of the citizens, President Nasheed unveils a medical scheme for all Maldivians. But little did he realize that the citizens are today smart enough to understand the short comings of this makeshift medical scheme. On the whole the scheme would face it own demise in 10 months due to unsustainability.

In spite of all these dazzling stuff to dwindle the citizen like a rattle snake, shaking its rattle. The Maldivian citizens have figured out that this is a real snake. And the overwhelming majority of people are now fed up of this undemocratic president Nasheed. 

As a result  Nasheed cronies are now attacking the free media and the intelligent opposition lawyers for exposing  the corruption and mismanagement of state funds. Nevertheless, victory is for the true citizens of Maldives. 


  1. Karusathey Mohamed AhmedJanuary 19, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    I doubt if the intentions of the president are right given the way he is acting. a colleague of mine told me that Presdient Nasheed had apparently said that " thimanna veri kamun vaki kuran masakkaiy kuranyaa mulhi qawm fundaa laanamey" IF he said it i wonder what right he has to do what he is doing. Enough is enough. Occupy Male'. Stand up for freedom and justice. Do what is right for country and for the future of your families.

  2. To judge who is right or wrong is a difficult task, since we have to wait for the result. But for sure what is happening is not right. GOD BLESS MALDIVES, GOD BLESS MALDIVIANS.


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