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Friday, January 13, 2012

A War worth winning!

Article forwarded by Moosa Ali/Udheresvilla, Male 

Dictator Nasheed 
The Maldivian government under Nasheed has begun a brutal crackdown of the free speech in Maldives. It was during the 30 year regime of President Gayoom towards the last days of the regime, Gayoom was forced to accept a new constitution that gave all Maldivians the freedom of thought and expression. Nasheed used this opportunity to bash the Gayoom’s Regime and the media backed him and with all these weapons Nasheed came into power. 

Unfortunately for the Maldivians, they gave power to a massive vicious wolf in a sheep skin. Nasheed's first years in power was consolidating both the police and the military under his direct control. Then he moved to control the judiciary by ordering the military to lock up the Supreme Court and arrest and bring the Chief Justice to the military headquarters where he sat with the military top brass and intimidated the Chief Justice. After much pressure from the International Embassies and the opposition political parties in the Parliament, Nasheed released the Chief Justice and came to a compromise to elect a new Supreme Council with a new Chief Justice of his choice. 

Then he moved to control the finances of the nation. How? By attacking the parliament appointed Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority. He summoned the Governor to the President’s Office and threatened him to print new money and release money from the reserves for the government. Ultimately the Governor had to give something to this blood thirsty wolf and did release some money from the reserves to the government. Then he started attracting the governor thought his cronies in the parliament and put forward a vote of no confidence of the Governor, matter still pending.

His next target was to intimidate the opposition party leaders and keep them in fear. Suddenly he asks the whole cabinet to resign, and asks all his cabinet members to get on to the streets and protest against the parliament to forcefully reject the Finance bill that checks his lavish unscrupulous spending of state funds. On this pretext he came on TV and said that opposition parliamentarians are using bribes to buy votes in the parliament and thus out of nowhere with no evidence asked the military to arrest two of the leading opposition members. Finally after Supreme Court’s ruling that it's unconstitutional he was forced to release them. And his next move was to buy parliament members of the opposition. This he successfully did by offering Rf.16,000,000  to each member from state funds and some corrupt members defected.

Next move was sell all public assets to Indians so that he could get the support of the strongest neighbor of Maldives while he moved to rob the citizens of their motherland and freedom. This he did by giving the airport to an ailing Indian company and condition to manage, operate and develop the airport. From where did the funds from? From the treasury of the Maldivians, then he sold some schools, and tried to sell the hospital but did not get a Indian company willing to accept the hospital. 

What next? He has started to devalue the Maldivian rufiyaa which was the strongest in the whole of the south Asian region. The intention is to bring it to align with the Indian Rupee, in so doing he shattered the strong economy to a sick and weak, feeble economy. This has impacted on the citizen’s real wage coming down by 60% overnight, putting over 80% of the people into the poverty trap. 

The story goes along this vengeful prophet of anti-Islam hitting on the bedrock of the nation’s dearly kept faith Islam; the very glue that united the nation for more than eight hundred years. Why? So that the institution of Maldivian faith once cracked would allow animosity and hatred to creep in so that Nasheed could suppress and rule the divided community. As the saying goes on UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. 

Now his latest move is to suppress the press. Why? Because the press is exposing the illicit corruption and drug dealing of Nasheed’s party top shots and their un-Islamic stance and actions. Is this a democratic move? 

So I say this is a war worth fighting for the sake of democracy, for the sake of Islam, for the sake of Maldives, for the sake of right over wrong and for the sake of our new found freedom. This war with Nasheed the dictator has to be won by the citizens of Maldives. We Maldivians will win this war. Our lives begin and end the day we become silent about things that matter most to us.

Praise be to Allah the most beneficent the most merciful.


  1. This dream will never be acquired until the actions of our people stick or respect the truth! Don't give room for corruption or materialism No choice ....you will be made to.Bcoz the ungrateful will be made to serve their sentence. Its a nation given to us with sacrifices. LEARN to preserve it too.

  2. what is the truth?

  3. So Mr. Nasheed has worn the military hat? I suppose he is now months away from dooms day.
    We shall vote for only them who wows to put this lunatic in jail for the atrocities he committed against Islam and the Maldivian People.

  4. I got 2000Rf paid to write an article like this, but i thought, i shouldn't write something which is not true.

    1. God Forbid him coming to power again, that DICKtator.

  5. I certainly don't believe that neither Mr. Maumoon nor Nb.Nasheed are electable. So what is wrong in writing the truth?

  6. We should not be afraid of the truth, tackle it headon, running away from it is only worsening the situation. Neither anni nor gayyomis what we maldivians want both are dictators history has shown us. Sorry for anybody's affiliation. Maldivians need a democratic leader.
    People in mental hospitals are easy to understand because they suffer from extreme conditions, the mental health of our leaders are more subtle.

  7. where are we 200 years behind or ship wrecked on our journey to the aneh dhivehi raaje?


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