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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A “BRIDGE”: the Last Promise of a Failing Dictator.

Submitted by Capt. Shafiu Gasim
The Last Promise: A BRIDGE between Male and Hulhumale.

In one form or another Maldives was ruled by a Dictator since time immemorial. As the society progressed and its people became educated, the push for democracy and freedom intensified. Finally, in 2008 President Gayoom had to succumb to the pressure from the public and Alas! Maldivians got the Democracy and Freedom they called for. 

During the campaign of the first free and fair elections, the last promise Mr. Gayoom made to the people was a “Bridge”.  It was going to be a Bridge between Male and Hulhumale. It was the last sigh of the ailing President who had run out of promises, short of fame, heavy with brutality, and forgotten moralities.
The election results confirmed Mohamed Nasheed better known as Anni to be President of Maldives from 2009 to 2013.  He came into power on a platform of promises to reinstate a better economy, better salaries, better transportation, lower prices, and houses for the homeless, and a state of art health program for all Maldivians.

Maldivians were more than willing to forgive Anni, for the blunders made due to his inexperience in public office at least during the honeymoon period of this new presidency. But as the days passed by the phenomena of Anni blundering became his usual way of decision making; like a dumb kid not learning from his own mistakes and repeating them. This led to the rise of the public’s agitation to a level of no return.

Anni’s disregard for democratic rational and values, ignoring Court decisions even those of the Supreme Courts of the land and in his zeal for protests and unrest coupled with his eloquence for rude speeches, dismayed the Public to a deeper abyss of hopelessness and mistrust in his leadership. All this added up to Public outrage on to the streets of Male. Day by day, the once peace loving people of Maldives became an antagonized public facing the brutality of an arbitrated Police force on its streets. 

To calm the situation and the anger of the people, Anni dug deep into the textbooks of Autocratic rulers; easily available by his bedside was the book on “The Deeds of Gayoom”, the very man he contested and won. In his dismay and desperation, with no one to turn to and no time to spare, he flipped through the pages to the final chapter of the book; THE LAST PROMISE. Panic stricken Anni found salvation.  It was the promise of a BRIDGE; the bridge between Male and Hulhumale.

Remarkably, like the last sigh of a once ailing President who had run out of promises in 2008, President Nasheed too; short of fame, heavy with brutality, and forgotten moralities wasted no time to announce his “BRIDGE” between Male and Hulhumale.

The thought may have come a little too late, for one could interpret the situation Anni the President of Maldives is in as catastrophic; a State of the Nation where

1.  Military abducting Chief Justice and political opponents.
2. Supreme Court Judges intimidated and terrorized by ruling party (MDP) thugs
3.       Daily protests both by the government and the opposition running late into the night
4.       Arbitrary arrests of citizens opposed to MDP by the Police Force have become a routine.
5.   Opposition Parliament Members are summarily arrested with brutal force.
6.       Economy has been brought down to its knees.
7.       Unemployment level is at an all-time high
8.       The evil is flourishing:  young men and women are flocking to take part in the Para military force of the ruling party.
9. High ranking government figures tendering resignation are on the rise
10.   Gang culture is on the rise, ruling the streets of male, terrorizing the public.
11.   Police force is incapable of stopping street violence, preoccupied by political vendetta assignments
12.   Free media is warned, it would be shut down if anti governments sentiments are aired.
13.   Social fabric of the society is torn to pieces
14.   All democratic institutions set up by the 2008 constitution is paralyzed
15.   The Maldivian dream is nearing its end.


  1. Perhaps you are right. Nasheed is flipping through the pages of the Book, he keeps it beside his bed! LOL what a story. I couldn't have put it better. Ha ha ha haaa ha ha ha Och! Sometime it hurts to laugh. This is of those..Ha ha ha haaa ha ha ha. Keep up this humour, it really serves us a good purpose.

  2. Nice post.
    Unemployment level is at an all-time low ....did you mean high??

  3. Dictator Nasheed's actions have the features of a well designed agenda. It all started with the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay's little speech to the parliament - It has now again gone back to her with a request from the Dictator to involve what Foreign Minister Naseem calls 'UN legal expertise'.

    The bells continue to ring an unless Maldivian opposition leadership is smart enough to take hee of the warning bells and depose the Dictator and drum out the entire regime including the our smart little VP Dr. UpFatloon, the word ISLAM will be totally erased from the Maldivian constitution.

    The continuing unrest has to build in to a war between the MDP (Mentally Deranged People)and the people of Maldives if Islam has to be given its rightful place in our constitution.

    The question is, does the opposition have the foresight, strategic capability and cohesiveness for such am agenda against Dictator Nasheed?

    More need be said on this issue. This isn't the forum.

  4. http://raajjenewsblogspot.com

  5. Hoe times and power changes a person!


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