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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Flip flopping character of Mohamed Zuhair (Juhaa)

The Gazi is not with us I don't know where he is.
hey, it's a Joke.. Don't take me too seriously.
The Dictator President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed is lucky to get the spokesperson which suits best his own character, notorious Mohamed Zuhair. Better known as “Juhaa” the court jester. Coincidently he is the best person ever to be the spokesperson for Anni.

Mohamed Zuhair has a reputation for not answering questions, he generally wanders into ecstasy with a statement from his brain and not answer to the question he was asked.  This appears to have been true even during his school days, and is believed to be one of the reasons why he failed all the exams in school, ending up as a wanderer getting involved in drug abuse and addition, subsequently sentenced many times for drug and substance abuse.

The days during his imprisonment, led to the increase in this phenomena.  His close friends have confessed that they had great difficulty in conversing with him. He always starts with a NO to everything, gives irrelevant examples and after much argument would suddenly say YES, and within a spilt second say NO again. This approach drives rational people into a metal delirium.  Many are inclined to think that he doesn’t have a mental problem but is simply arrogant and irrational. But in actual fact Zuhair (Juhaa) suffers from an acute mental disorder.

This problem generally is difficult to recognize, but one should have many conversations with such a patient to identify the inconsistency in his arguments. However, President Nasheed (Anni) is lucky to have Juhaa, because Anni himself is suffering from a similar mental condition that is susceptible to colossal forgetfulness. Anni never remembers what he promises and promises what he doesn’t remember. But such people who suffer from this extreme subtle mental condition generally do not spectacle any outward abnormalities, but journalists,  pressmen and political analysts often see the imperative of discord in opinions and actions of such people.

Generally such people do not gain national recognition. But unfortunately Maldivians have inherited one such President and a spokesperson. Rational Maldivians trying to make sense of what these guys of talk and promise and are finding it increasingly difficult to comprehend. Many have stopped listening to the many talk shows and radio programs in which Anni or Juhaa appear, simply because, it drives listeners nuts and crazy. The listener baffles all day and night trying to make sense of what they have been hearing. Political critics go crazy trying to understand their point. TV journalist never figures out what their point of view. On many occasions, they would contradict their own view point in two different TV interviews.  If they give a speech, on a particular issue they are everywhere, flipping and flopping, no particular issue, or point of view. The President’s speeches are bundles of riddles, were audience are left baffled and confused.

When asked about the constitution answer you’d get is about a project the government is carrying on. When asked about a project the answer would be about a presidential trip, and on it goes the list is never ending. This is what has happened to the MDP party members.  Every night they listen to crazy speeches that cause a disillusion and the audience is taken into a stance where they are neither here nor there. Utterly confused, their faculties of ethical reasoning totally shut down like animals their only goal becomes to live and prey on the opposition, becoming a prey themselves.

“People in mental hospitals are easy to understand because they suffer from extreme conditions, but the metal health of our leaders is much more subtle”.

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  1. interesting read.
    by the way, any proof on the imprisonment?


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