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Monday, October 24, 2011

Anni hidden character exposed

Before coming to power Mohamed Nasheed promised the world to the Maldivian people. He portrayed himself as a true democrat, many learned Maldivians believed this fox in sheep skin and they sacrificed their money, time and energy and did all they could in all honesty to bring down the thirty year old regime in the hope of having freedom and democracy. One year down the line the fox in sheep skin was exposed.

Just in the nursery fable, when the little Red Riding Hood asked the fox who was in her grandmother’s bed, “what big teeth have you got Grandma”, the fox replied, “All the better to eat you”. Addressing a group of supporters in Alifushi, Anni gave an astonishing exposure into his character he said “when my party people come for help I will help them, but when people not in my party come to me, I will show them how mean and cruel I would be, and they wouldn’t even imagine that”.

This phrase alone lost the parliament vote for MDP. Subsequently Anni the president has been endlessly battling to execute those people, who did not vote for him, and he hasn’t succeeded in doing so to date. The battle rages on with advisors from Britain, Israel and India to no avail, just only failures.

Trying to control the independent institutions to a greater extent have succeeded. But still the very judiciary which was selected by him now working for justice is moving against his mob centered strategy. It reminds me of the 1930 in US when the mob was virtually ruling cities like Chicago and New York. There is absolutely nothing different, here in Maldives its Asians and local settings. Strategy is the same. 

Adolf Hitler Reincarnate
President Mohamed Nasheed
of Maldives.
The Maldivian people, waiting to get hold of this half cranky, character Anni with no sense of shame or respect to the very people who voted for him. Behaves and acts as though he is the reincarnate of Adolf HITLER.  Little does he realize that this small tiny soul was once on the streets of Maldives getting bashed and dragged like a weak mouse, acting the tyrant now with the backing of the Police and Armed Forces of Maldives? It is only a matter of time; the citizens of Maldives will be moved beyond the breaking point. Then no sea would be deep enough, no wall will be high enough, no army would be strong enough to stop the anger and the wrath of Maldivians with blood on their chests, despite the wounds will march forward to bring down the tyrant and his armies.


  1. thikurahvaa masahkathaigen kuriyah dhiumah hihvarudhen hama alhugandumen mithibee 2013ga mi balaaverikamun salaamaivaan athukuri olhaalaigen heyvahlaa thahyaarah

  2. The Truth is bitter, and just about ridiculous is the only word those involved could say !! Did Anni not say “when my party people come for help I will help them, but when people not in my party come to me, I will show them how mean and cruel I would be, and they wouldn’t even imagine that”. in Alifushi? These are the harsh realities of a sick mans mentality.

    God Almighty has punished the Maldivians with the Devil, cos they did not appreciate what was given to them.


  3. The dictatorial regime of the Maldives is pissing in their pants! Check this out


  4. I read the doc http://www.scribd.com/doc/70126249/Cir-139, it's interesting to note how pissed in the pants the MDP officials were. Reeko Moosa must have assumed that UNDP stands for Unquestionably Nutty Dumb People. it stands for "United Nations Development Programme".

    They Witnessed the vandalism MDP hooligans and Government Leaders including Cabinet Minister did at ex President's House, They also have evidence of the Thilafulshi and the Sea Food Scandal.

    You wait and see who pisses in the pants.

  5. this is blatant misuse of diplomacy...Foreign Ministry cant send out circulars of political parties to missions...they can talk about government policy.....in any case, the supreme court justices were nominated by Anni Ganjube and approved by parliament and then sworn in for a term specified in the constitution....what are they talking about..now they want to reduce the bench to five..they will need 2/3 majority in parliament to amend the constitution....its about time the truth be told to diplomatic missions...they should not be allowed to get away with lies and deception on this scale...


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