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Friday, October 28, 2011

Serious Abuse of Diplomatic Protocol by the Maldivian Government

Uploaded: 10/24/2011

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Ahmed Naseem

MDP Chairman
Mr. Reeko Moosa Maniku
The state of mind of the members of MDP Pollitt bureau is evident from this document uploaded to scribd.com on 24th October 2011. It is a fabrication by the MDP Government Ranks and is a blatant abuse of Diplomatic Protocol that tantamount to nothing but forgery and abuse of authority.   This ploy by the MDP was covered with a letter supposedly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Although it was not printed on the Official Letter Head of the Ministry, the official rubber stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the signature of the Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem were on the letter.

Minister Naseem and his family had been involved in the plots to overthrow the government in the coup attempts of 1980, 1983, and 1988 the latter which was the worst that Maldives ever say in modern history, the November 3rd Attack on Maldivian Sovereignty with the help of Tamil Guerrilla that were fighting for a separate homeland in Sri Lanka.  Raised to ranks by radical President Mohamed Nasheed (Nephew), Naseem still seems to maintain his deceptive and murky mindset even on issues of national concern.

Little do the Minister and the Pollitt Bureau of the MDP realize that involving and thus implicating International Organizations like the UN and the UNDP in their national political pranks and tomfooleries fall short of civilized behavior expected of ruling parties and governments.  On the other hand it is not strange for a person like President Nasheed with the brain set little more than that of a teenager, to advice and motivate cronies to engage in discreditable activities such as demonstrating against the very judiciary handpicked and appointed by him, and publish documents and posts on the internet such as that referred to above.

Whilst there is little understanding and appreciation for the petty Political pranks and tomfooleries of national political parties within the UN framework, I am sure the UNDP and the family of UN organizations, condemn such acts. The simple justification that anyone could have done it is insufficient, when the signature of the Minister and rubber stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appear on the covering letter to the document, the responsibility clearly lies on the Government of Maldives to find those perpetrators and stop such stupid and unqualified acts by senior officials of the Government. Given these harsh realities this Government could only be portrayed as been run by a bunch of Eighth Graders on summer holiday in Maldives.  

Is this how we citizens of Maldives want our country and government to be perceived as? Everything is in disarray, our social fabric to our Economy, and now Diplomatic protocols and practices are being abused and falling apart.  To all the Maldivian Voters I say, Let us all call this Holiday frenzy to an end and get serious.  2013 is up around the bend, and we should use fair judgment and rational thinking in selecting our next government and its leaders.  Dire and desperate as we may be, and tired and overwhelmed by the long and difficult five years under MDP rule, do not get taken away by their CASH for the a VOTE program to remain in power for another term.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; we shall play by the written rule not the rule of the MOB or MOB DRIVEN PARTY’s such as MDP


  1. I fully agree with yur sentiments Matti...we need to get rid of the Mob Driven Party.....

  2. Pulling the wool over stakeholders' eyes...PPM will counter this.

  3. Everybody knows that Naseem and Reeko Moses is behind this ploy Shame on MDP

  4. ladhu hayaathuge kan fulheh ves neiy...komme gotheh hadhaafa ves verikan dhemehettun beynun vanee....mikahala kanthah kureema mi meehuneg fenvaru saafu ve olhun filaa noon tho....

  5. Aaekey, mpd mee "moya daabbainge party" ekey. tai eh alhaifai majilihu thereyah vadhe nikume ulhevunas meehaa ge fenvareh nethey. kudakudhinge buhdi mimeehunge hunnanee.


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