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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MDP Intrusion and overpowering Civil Societies of Maldives.

While Maldives are trying to accept the new democracy, MDP is using every tool to gain popularity within the public because of its tremendous unpopularity as a government. One common tool used by MDP is the so called number of Civil Society Associations. 

These societies were established by MDP sympathizers during the previous regime.  These societies were active then, every night they were on the media pretending to be fighting for the cause of the citizens. However today we see these societies have become sleeping cells and hibernated. They wake up to support MDP endorsed issue, e.g.; demonstrate against the Judiciary, against Parliament members salary hikes and against honorable judges for being independent, and many more.

If you clearly look into the membership of these Civil Societies like Transparency Maldives, and The Society of Lawyers, you will see that they participate in MDP rallies, and are visibly seen at MDP organized forums.  And if you look deeper into these organizations, these sleeping cells are also funded by the MDP.

These Societies are used by MDP to show the citizens that the views of these so called “Independent Societies” are much the same as that of MDP. Thus if we as citizens are not vigilant enough we could get dragged into the whirlpool of trickery and forgery.

These civil societies are the tools which MDP uses to show the public that the guardians of the public sentiment share a common strategy, hoping to convince the public of their goodness.

Essentially they are:
  • Breaking the Law to enhance corruption in favor of MDP top shots
  • Taxing hard working people trying to live a decent life, and helping MDP activists who sleep all day like lazy dogs and wakes up on call.
  • Undermining and intimidating the Judiciary trying to give independent verdicts which in most cases are against the perpetrators who happen to be MDP trouble makers
  • Spending on Media to misguide the public
  • Spend on expensive vacations for MDP top shots
  • Buying Opposition party members , and the list is endless
This strategy is viewed by many MDP insiders as a winning strategy for the 2013 elections.

The hypocrisy of these civil societies in Maldives has to be exposed. People should not listen to what they have to say.  As the old saying goes these civil societies are nothing but a bunch of wolves in sheep skin.

I am confident the Maldivian public is no more ignorant, they would surely be aware of these culprits disguising as civil societies and lives in the pockets on MDP top shots. 

A very clear litmus test is;
  • Do you see them voicing their concern on MDP moving against the constitution? NO
  • DO you see them voicing against MDP not following parliament regulations? NO
  • DO you see them voicing against MDP on violations against Human Rights? NO
Beware of the new evil; the Civil Societies in Maldives. They will eventually help MDP take away our freedom.  They are the likes of Illuminati’s and the Free Masons in the forming.

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