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Monday, October 31, 2011

MDP’s inspired Terrorist Elements rooted deep within the Maldives Police Force

Submitted by Ibu.

Jinnah MDP sympathizer
an operative within the ranks.
Chief Commissioner of Police
"It's difficult but, I follow Orders"
The Maldives Police force has to rid itself of terrorist elements planted in the its ranks by the MDP government, otherwise, the sad possibility that the good name of the many professional police service men and women in Maldives may be tarnished by the evil acts and crooked deeds of a few.

Many young men and women join the armed forces and the police primarily for the good pay, benefits and rewards of the job. We must not forget that morality and conviction play a great part in the decision to undertake assignments. Not everyone is a mercenary, nor will the great many tolerate idiocracy beyond simple humor.

Mr. Chief Commissioner is said to be battling his conviction to stay and be the incriminated or to resign and be honorable.  Many young nation loving policemen and women are fighting their convictions too. Mr. President and the Minister of Home Affairs are fully aware of this dire situation among the ranks of the Police.

The Dark Forces within the Police fancy this ruthless behavior as the Youth of Hitler did during the Nazi war in Europe. In the name of protecting people they go on revenge reprisals against innocent citizens going about their everyday lives. They arrest innocent victims of the violent and ruthless demonstrations sponsored and headed by of MDP’s Cabinet Ministers, Parliament Members and radical elements within the party ranks. 

There are many reasons for this;
  1. This government has molded the police force as a Para military force to protect the rulers against the public. And the bedrock of this thinking is carved into the minds of the force and the walls of the institution.
  2.   Most people in these Police forces do not have a decent education, and this has been the avenue for a so called “decent” work with lots of immunity. Only requirement is show your wickedness.
  3. Gets to work with the peddlers and has the opportunity to work with impunity to get rich fast.
  4.  The Government of the day needs these street dogs to bark at the people and terrorize so that the people would live in fear and uncertainty, while the looters fill in their coffers.

Just like in an old cowboy movie these renegade officers has taken control of the whole Police Force, and as a top lawyer in Maldives, Azima Shakoor said, “has turned the Maldives to a captured state”. Superintendent Jinnah is the chief architect of the plan. He has modeled himself like the former Executioner Adam Zahir, now retired and living in safe harbor in UK.

Monthly training programs are ongoing on how to terrorize the citizens.  This training comes handy for the Government in keeping the people wrapped in fear while the rulers pursue looting of the public funds.

These articles are written because we don’t want history to forget these ruthless people with Saddam Hussein Mentality within our society and especially within our police force. We want their children, sisters and their parents to understand that. These are evil people terrorizing the innocent citizens and the police force. Let this echo to all Maldives and Maldivians “MDP, Please Stop your terrorist activities you are forcing us to take reprisals action”. 

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  1. Karusathey Ge KarusathunaamaaOctober 31, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    as long as the police force is under the home ministry this situation will prevail....

  2. some people are making sense now. because they dont want to be with political people

  3. meehunge sifa ah badalu genes photo jehumaki hama varah hadi adhi dera kameh. If you are against policies of government, debate in the light of facts. Making pictures of people in funny ways only proves your immaturity. Grow up. Be responsible if u want to achieve anything in 2013. If u do this people will not believe u r a serious group of people.


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