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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I believe that the MDP Government has officially launched its "Prescription Begging" program for the sick and needy. Please be ready with at least Rf. 50.00 in your hand to give out, when they come knocking at your door. After all although Anni and the rest of the gang are in France, Norway and Italy, those who ill afford are here knocking at your door. HELP them.

Madhana is soon to announce bankruptcy due to over expenditure and mismanagement (a symptomatic characteristic of MDP). Mr. Anni has already announced that with effect from January 2012, a new and much better medical insurance program will replace Madhana.... That's it.

Since MDP came to office in 2008, Madhana is headed by a person who have served term in jail for stealing a laptop from a shop.  ... The inevitable is here .

Download these documents, and distribute them freely, Perhaps it may prompt some rich guy to lend a helping had to the poor lady and his desparate family..  We hope that in so doing, it will put a stop to his insanity by MDP. 


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