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Thursday, October 27, 2011

To My Friends

Poem by Heywalla Poet

To all my friends and foes the children of these beautiful islands of Maldives.
Oh children of the sea, today we are hijacked by a dark desolate ruthless ruler
Merciless his actions, persecuting the weak and feable, Dining with the strong and rich.
Breaking all the goodness we have built , Replacing with distrust and hatered.
Things have gone wrong, as sure it has, and as sometime it will.
All our hope and dreams shattered by the ruthless leader.

Our funds are low and our debts are high.
We want to smile, but we cry inside for our children are starving
When we want care we get hatred, intimidation practiced by the army of the ruthless leader.
We will rest but we shall not quit to bring you down, Anni
Life is strange with twists and turns. We know!  You forgot.
And as every leader before you learned your turn is also here

And many a leader turns to forget the people who brought him to power
We will not give up though the pace is slow
We will not surrender to your wicked bastions of power and corruption
We know with another blow we will succeed.

Success is failure turned inside out
When things seems worst we will not quit

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